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Hi! I'm Sam, an aspiring software engineer with an interest in all things computers, especially writing code. I am currently a student at Loughborough University working on a computer science degree after completing a games design course at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies with top marks.

This website is a professional portal into me and my work, feel free to take a look around!

My Values

Logical Thinking

Critically thinking and breaking down problems in a logical manner is a crucial skill in many aspects of life, including coding, and it’s something I’m good at.


When the going gets tough, I keep going. Projects never go completely to plan, but a bumpy road wont stop me completing what I started.


I love pick up new information and skills. The more I know, the more effectively I can create.


I keep my commitments, and hate being late. You can count that I will always show up on time and give my all.

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